Sally Peters

Transforming Public Service by Going Beyond the Letters DEI

A Talk by Sally Peters (Learning and Development Coordinator, TriMet)

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TriMet provides bus, light rail and commuter rail service in the Portland, Oregon, region. Our transportation options connect people with their community, while easing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution — making our region a better place to live. TriMet's mission is to connect people with valued mobility options that are safe, convenient, reliable, accessible and welcoming for all. Their values are Safety, Inclusivity, Equity, Community and Teamwork. TriMet is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This page highlights milestones and progress under the direction of our Board of Directors and General Manager, and with the help of countless community partners and staff. Historic barriers have prevented some of our most vulnerable community members from participating in the public process, which is why we strive to create educational and engaging community dialogue that is inclusive of all races, cultures and identities—ensuring fair access for traditionally underserved communities. Recently, with the help of our riders and system stakeholders, we have introduced a new low-income fare, decriminalized the system and announced new climate goals. For more than two decades, we have been industry leaders in minority contracting and workforce development. We have also established one of the most comprehensive Civil Rights Title VI programs in the nation.

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Sally Peters

Sally Peters

Learning and Development Coordinator, TriMet

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