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9 Data Driven Insights on Developing Inclusive Leadership

A Talk by Joshua Price and Liza Wisner (she/they/y'all)

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About this Talk

Drawing from the data collected from almost 3000 global participants in Symmetra’s 360-degree inclusion assessment, we will explore some of the key obstacles to successfully developing inclusive leaders that attract, retain and leverage diverse talent.

Joshua Price, Co-CEO of global DEI consultancy Symmetra, will present insights from one of the world’s largest inclusive leadership dataset that will explore: 

  • What effective inclusive leadership actually looks like
  • Trends and themes across global participants
  • Common gaps in inclusive leadership performance

The session will further examine how conducting individual and team inclusion assessments can act as the catalyst to build lasting new inclusion habits in leaders, and the implications of Symmetra’s findings for how to get maximum ROI from your investment in inclusion capability.


About The Speakers

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Joshua Price

Joshua Price

Director of Growth, Symmetra

Liza Wisner (she/they/y'all)

Liza Wisner (she/they/y'all)

Host & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Thought Leader, OpenSesame

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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion and Belonging

Strategic Planning


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