Shelly Immel

Owner and CFO, Obsidian Learning

About this speaker

In 1998 Shelly founded Obsidian Learning, a consulting company dedicated to developing training and supporting organizations and learners through big change. Obsidian Learning has made local and national Best Places to Work lists as well as 5 consecutive years on eLearning Industry’s Top Learning Provider list. Shelly is an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow, and has served on the Authentic Houston leadership team since 2016.

2020 has seen great hunger for real change around DEI simultaneously with the rise of social isolation and remote work. These factors have united Shelly’s drive to create diverse, whole-hearted workplaces, her experience with structured activities for interpersonal skill building and connection, and her professional expertise in creating training programs for behavior change and culture shift. The result is Obsidian Learning’s expanding series of off-the-shelf courses on virtual team building, available on Open Sesame.


Taking DEI from Concept to Habit

21 January 2021, 05:00 PM
Shelly Immel