Marsha Ross-Jackson Liza Wisner Joel Lesko

The 21-Day Plan for Disarming Microaggressions

A Talk by Liza Wisner (she/they/y'all) , Joel Lesko and Marsha Ross-Jackson

About this Talk

Are you looking for ways to start new habits that promote inclusion? Join Marsha Ross-Jackson and Joel Lesko to learn about the 21-day plan for Disarming Microaggressions. Get ready to lead your organization’s own 21-Day plan with greater understanding about how to speak up against microaggressions and practice daily micro affirmations. 

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17 March 2022, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

About The Speakers

Liza Wisner

Liza Wisner (she/they/y'all)

Host & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Thought Leader, OpenSesame

Joel Lesko

Joel Lesko

President, SunShower Learning

Marsha Ross-Jackson

Marsha Ross-Jackson

Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development and head of the Office of Diversity, Equity and, Chicago-Kent College